gameday titans

GameDay titans is a program designed for our youth. It is important to teach our youth the importance of fitness at an early age while making it a fun learning experience. Our youth programs at GameDay Fitness focus on exactly that. 

Crossfit Kids is designed for kids ages 5-9. This class mixes games into the workouts so the kids not only stay attentive, but learn more effectively and create a positive mentality about exercising.

GameDay Titans is our advanced class for kids ages 10-17. This program focuses heavily on learning proper moving and building overall strength and stability. Learning proper technique during this period is very important as it will affect both athletic performance and prevent injury in the future.

We offer experienced coaching and practical programming. We also offer sports specific training. Group or individual packages are available. We can host your next special event & birthday party!


Teen Titans (ages 12-17)

  • Monday - Wednesday - Friday @ 4:30PM

  • Saturday @10:00am

Crossfit Kids (ages 7-12)

  • Saturdays @ 9:00AM