Gameday Kids


We will be offering a free class every saturday at 9am through September 15, 2019

  • we offer a Fun, educational, and a family centered experience

  • The kids will learn how to move safely and have fun in the process

  • we have experienced coaches with years of early childhood experience

  • We go over the rules of the class to start

  • then we’ll have a warmup that is group oriented and fun

  • the kids will learn some basic stretches

  • we’ll practice a skill or movement

  • the kids will do some conditioning

  • we’ll finish with a game


Ultimately, our goal is to create an interest in movement and fitness. We see the trends continuing to be sedentary for our society and we want to do our best to engrain the benefits of physical activity. We are mindful of keeping them interested and making it fun without sending the message that they’re exercising. We look forward to working with your kids and setting them up for a healthy future.